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San Juan Mountain Wildflowers July 04, 2015

red mountain paintbrush  pd es (1 of 1).jpgred mountain paintbrush pd (1 of 1)-3-c86.jpg

Since I found most of the paintbrush buds just developing at the lower elevations, I felt reluctant to search above timberline especially since there was still so much snow.  Regardless I couldn’t resist checking out one of my favorite locations just north of Silverton, CO. Surprisingly, despite the heavy snow still clinging to the ground, I ran into a beautiful carpet of many different species in full bloom. All the flowers were on the south side of the slopes with little if any on the north face as my picture illustrates.
This means that we are going to have another wildflower bloom later this month or even into August when the snows finally melt.

The stream shot was taken with  my Canon 16-35  F-4L at f/11, 1.3 sec, ISO 100 at  approx.  8:30 pm.  The paintbrush was taken with my Canon F-4L 24-70, 1/160 sec,  f/11 at ISO 200.  Camera – 6D.

Hope you all had a great 4th weekend!