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San Juan Summer Fuchsia Sunset

Little did I know that this would be my second to last hike in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado for at least several weeks. The privilege of living in this beautiful area definitely has its perks as a landscape photographer but like with most things, there are some disadvantages.

The very thing that helps make our photos so beautiful can also harm us. My years in the field has caught up with me. Dreaded skin cancer has recently introduced itself to the side of my face (Basal Cell) and the upper forehead (precancerous). I hate any type of cancer especially the type that took my dad from this world at such a young age. I’m finding out I am not alone as many others exposed to nature have experienced this as well.

I am pretty good about wearing a big hat and plenty of sunscreen now but this wasn’t the case in my younger years. I hardly even knew what sunscreen was back then. Regardless, I was scheduled for a routine procedure to remove the cancer. The forehead went off without a hitch but the side of my face had other ideas. Later that evening after the procedure a vessel burst and that pretty much ended my time in the field for the next several weeks. The doc did a good job keeping the swelling under control which included a no hiking restriction. This was torture especially since it was in the peak of the wildflower season.

Several weeks later, I am now able to hike lightly and can’t wait until being able to resume full activity. This has taught me to never take my experiences in the field for granted as I never know when that opportunity can suddenly end. Of course I will be more religious than ever about protecting myself from the sun. I brought this up hoping younger photographers here might take heed and start early with protection, especially on your face where it really counts…

If you look back in my gallery, I posted a picture from the same location in early spring when this area was still covered in snow. The transformation into summer has been incredible.

Thank you for viewing this shot and wish you only the best out in the field…

Heavenly Colorado

This venture was extra special as I was able to go out with my mom and other family members.  I hung out with them for a while near the base but then noticed that my wife had a head start to be the first to conquer the alluring peak straight above. I quickly hurried up the steep slope in order to catch up with her to no avail.  The higher I climbed, the better the heavenly view. As the sun started to set I abandoned my quest for the the top and set up for a shot that was truly dreamlike.  The sunset never really took off but the surroundings more than made up for it. After the light show was over, I continued up to the top where a beautiful 360 degree view of the San Juan Mountains greeted me. I stayed until darkness set in which required an extra careful descent down the steep slope back to my awaiting party.

Thank you for viewing my site and wish you all the best while out in the field!