Monthly Archives: May 2017

Lone Elk Needles Sunset




Spring is here with the snow quickly  receding leaving behind beautiful lush green grass for the Elk and other animals to feast on.  This is definitely Elk heaven this time of year.

I was fortunate to catch her with such a dramatic backdrop…

 I caught up to another herd on a different evening feeding and just laying around in the brightest green grass I’ve ever witnessed. Refreshing!

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Needles Belt of Venus #2



I spent a lot of time around the Needle Mountains in San Juan’s of Southwest Colorado this winter as I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture the record snowfall we had this season. This is a second part of a series featuring the belt of venus. This one is similar to the first but includes cloud cover providing a nice perspective.

As I say so long to winter for now, I hope this picture will be a good reminder of what’s to come again, probably sooner than we think… 

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Needles Fire Sunset


After a month of literally no sunsets, the skies above the Needle Mountains of Southwest Colorado made up for it in one beautiful evening.  

To make it even better, the San Juan’s recently received fresh snow.  Patience is a virtue especially in landscape photography… 

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