Monthly Archives: July 2017

Peaked Wildflowers


Add some rain to the warm summer days in the high alpine of SW Colorado and the wildflowers quickly blow up into a beautiful symphony of color.

That is exactly what happened here in the San Juan Mountains.  It’s beautiful up there with most areas peaked!

If anything, we are getting too much rain which can make hiking pretty dangerous especially in the afternoon.

Hope you are all getting a chance to get out to your favorite spot to enjoy this epic time of year!

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Beautiful Summer’s Eve – San Juan Mountains

This has been a strange wildflower season so far this summer here in the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado.  We had record snowfall this winter following up by an extended period with no moisture this spring and summer.  The flowers came up early with some fading quickly with no rain. Only those under the flow of melting snow patches were flourishing.  

But how quickly things can change!  The Monsoon season has finally arrived although fairly weak so far.  This has really helped but you still have to hunt with some areas flourishing while others are just getting started like the area around Ice Lakes Basin.

The shot posted here was one of those places where the wildflowers are flourishing, at least in that particular spot. I was blessed to have the combination of both an incredible sky and a heathy stand of beautiful Paintbrush and other species.  It was one of the best sunsets I’ve seen in a long while which more than made up for the lackluster year so far.

I hope you are all enjoying this summer and thanks for viewing my site!