Three Rays Sunset

Three Rays Sunset light copyr pd-c48-c9.jpg

I had a great visit with family this past weekend up in the Front Range of Colorado.
Just before a big family dinner, I noticed a sunset taking shape out the back window. I knew it would be a bit rude but I couldn’t resist. I set up just outside in the back yard and patiently waited for a few minutes. Little did I know that the family was waiting for me to say grace. Little did they know I was already thanking God for the gorgeous sunset he was blessing me with.
Three gorgeous sun rays burst forth from behind the Colorado Front Range Mountains just South of Long’s Peak. It was an incredible sight!

The Wave Sunset shown on the home page was taken the day before with a completely different look from the same location.  It literally looked like a huge wave was about to crash into the Front Range Mountains although my attempt to capture it was average at best.

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