God’s Spotlight

sp  paintbrush wildflower red sunset bst pd-7923.jpgGod shining light on my son at 13,500' pd-7914.jpg



I’ve been waiting all summer for this sunset and it couldn’t have come at a  better time. The wildflowers are still at their peak which is unusual for this time of year especially in the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado. It was especially nice because my son had come along and decided to literally run up a 13K peak to catch the sunset. He made it with plenty of time to spare and I was fortunate to be able to see and photograph his tiny silhouette as he stood at the edge of a massive cliff. There he was, basking in God’s spotlight. His view was certainly better than mine as he could see the Grenadiers off to the South and many other peaks in all directions. I was content in the beautiful wildflower field dazzling with many bright colors in all directions.   A cherished moment in time!

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