Peak to Peak Sunset – San Juan Mountains


pat profile shot setting up for crazy sunset one peak to another low res-6392-c67.jpgpat profile shot sp one peak to another low res-6391-c11.jpgsan juan mountain sunset from unnamed peak to peak sunset pd--c48.jpg



Late in the evening while sitting atop an unnamed peak in the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado, the thought of a nice sunset was quickly fading as darkness was quickly setting in.

Then, like so many other times, the sun that had long ago set behind a distant mountain range (or so I thought) suddenly burst forth highlighting my face and the peak I was standing on along with the other peak tops only a short distance away. To be up close and personal with the beautiful saturation all around is the most incredible feeling.

Sometimes people ask me how I can tolerate waiting at 13k plus feet for a sunset when walking down a steep mountain peak in total darkness is guaranteed.  I say anyone who has experienced this could give them a good explanation especially when rewarded with a beautiful sunset or sunrise.   I think my picture speaks for itself even though it doesn’t do it justice, what I was so fortunate to witness…

Unfortunately, there are many times out in the field when nothing happens so when you get a moment like this, it makes it all worthwhile.

I included two behind the scenes shots one before and one during the sunset.

Pano stitch by Adobe Lightroom 6,  Canon 6D with 16-35L,  f/18,  16mm, 1/8 sec, ISO 250, Dolica carbon fiber tripod professional.

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