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Signs of Spring – San Juan Mountains

It’s been a record breaking dry Winter but nature goes on with a touch of green grass coming up providing these Elk with a nutritious treat as they wait in the lower elevations to give birth to their calves in early May.

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Grandeur in the Grenadiers

Towards the beginning of the wildflower season in the early summer months, The snow was still heavy in the alpine regions of the Grenadier Mountains of Southwest Colorado.  This particular type of violet wildflower usually comes up early and needs plenty of water to flourish. A large patch of melting snow was feeding this wildflower patch with icy cold water. 

 As the summer has progressed, the snow has once again receded with a few patches left and the wildflowers are starting to fade away once again. The cycle of life continues as some signs of fall are already starting to show up.  This only means a new beautiful season to come, one of my favorites here in the beautiful San Juan Mountains…

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Peaked Wildflowers


Add some rain to the warm summer days in the high alpine of SW Colorado and the wildflowers quickly blow up into a beautiful symphony of color.

That is exactly what happened here in the San Juan Mountains.  It’s beautiful up there with most areas peaked!

If anything, we are getting too much rain which can make hiking pretty dangerous especially in the afternoon.

Hope you are all getting a chance to get out to your favorite spot to enjoy this epic time of year!

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