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Mt Shuksan Belt of Venus Sunset

Mt. Shuksan located in Washington State is one of the most majestic glacial mountains in the continental US.  While sitting directly at its base, you are instantly overwhelmed by its shear size and massiveness – a good reminder of how small humans really are in perspective.  Combine that with Fall colors and a beautiful late evening Belt of Venus glow with its multicolor red and blue bands and you have a world class photo and viewing experience… 

I focused one shot on a two way pano stitch to help show the scale of this beautiful peak and then I put the wide angle lens on to capture some of of the fall color foreground with the peak pushed back a bit.   

I hope these shots helped you at least capture a brief moment of this spectacular setting….

Thanks for viewing my site and hope your Fall has been fantastic…


Winter Fresh

The the lack of snow this winter has been unprecedented Making January and February one of SW Colorado’s driest months on record… This time last year, we were breaking the all time record for snowfall.  Two extremes only a year apart.

Recently we finally received such much needed snowfall so I didn’t waste anytime taking advantage of it.  I went out in the middle of it soaking in the large flakes which seemed to strange as the temperatures have been springlike most of the winter so far.  Plants that usually die off in December are still going strong.

Well after Sunset the Snow had stopped Leaving behind a beautiful white glow. I was atop a local mountain taking it all in with the city light below reflecting off the low hanging clouds creating a unique reddish glow.

The  next morning after the storm is when the featured picture was taken.  The storm had gone but it left behind a thick fog layer that is unusual in our area. When I first arrived, everthing around me was completely shrouded.  Then as the sun was starting to rise, the fog started to quickly lift which only left me a short time to capture this rare beauty.  As soon as the trees started appearing all around me I started clicking away playing with different exposures that best portrayed what I was witnessing.

It was a peaceful morning, which provided for a unique experience  not often seen in the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado.

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Fresh Snow and City Lights

Winter Fresh






Mt. Baker viewed from BC, Canada and Wild Coast Sunset

Both shots were taken within a mile of each other about an close to the same time which shows how much diversity the Lower Mainland of BC, Canada has to offer… 

Beautiful, majestic, glacial mountain views to the east and south with the gorgeous BC coast north and Pacific Ocean views looking west.   The best of both worlds all in one location… 

A landscape photographers paradise!

Thanks for viewing and wishing all of you a blessed New Year!