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                                        Engineer Fire and Ice sunset

Late Winter’s Eve – San Juan Mountains

San Juan Mountains – Needles Alpenglow Sunset

Heart on Fire – La Plata Mountains Sunset

San Juan Mountains – Silverton, CO

Angel Dove – San Juan Mountains

Animas River Sunset

                              After the Storm – San Juan Mountains

                                 Mt Rainier early sunrise aerial…

              Vestal and Arrow Grenadier Range, San Juan Mountains

                                       Pacific Northwest Winter Dream

                                 Mt. Baker golden sunset East Flank

                                          BC Coastline During Storm

                                        Needle Mts. pano wide sunset

                        Monitor Peak Heavenly glow – San Juan Mts

        Emerald Lake basin from air, San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado



                 San Juan Mountains Mid July early Wildflowers and Snow


Malibu Lupine Celebration

La Plata Mountains North Face Sunset

Twilight Peak Sunset

Lake Nighthorse Sunset Close

Lake Nighthorse Pano Sunset

San Juan Mountains the day after the storm with blowing snow interrupting bluebird skies…

Pigeon Peak  crowned in golden-copper light… 

Grizzly Peak Winter sunset…


Pigeon Peak Sunset

Needle Range Alpenglow  Sunset

La Plata Mountains fiery red glow sunset

West Needles Sunset

New Years San Juan Mountain Sunset

La Plata Mountains Pre-Dawn Sunrise

Durango, CO fiery red sunset…


Grenadiers Belt of Venus Sunset

Twilight Peak Sunset

Animas Valley, Durango, CO Sunrise after the storm

Lake Nighthorse Sunset

Animas River Fall Color Sunset Pano


416 Fire Beauty and the Beast 

DC 10 Air-tanker dropping load on 416 Fire


Air-tanker dropping load on 416 Fire Hermosa, CO


416 Fire,  Lake Tahoe Fire and Rescue and Agnes, Mercy hospital RN, providing support to the heroic firefighters  just coming off the front lines of the fire.


416  Heroic Fire Firefighters coning back from difficult shift with Agnes, Mercy hospital RN, providing support and appreciation…


416 Fire above Falls Creek with DC10 air tanker diving in smoke clouds


416 Fire above Falls Creek with Hawk in tree and Helicopter fighting fire


Tornado like fire column in Hermosa, CO  seen from afar 

              416 Fire with Tornado like smoke/fire column spinning and causing havoc on Hermosa, CO

Signs of Spring – San Juan Mountains

Malibu Heat


Winter Fresh

Fresh snow with city lights

Mt. Baker Seen from BC, Canada

Season’s Change – San Juan Mountains

Picture Lake and Mt. Shuksan sunset reflections with Belt of Venus and Fall colors

Picture Lake and Mt. Shuksan daytime

Picture Lake and Mt. Shuksan close

Sunrise – Picture Lake and Mt. Shuksan golden reflections

Full Color – San Juan Mountains

Harsh Awakening – San Juan Mountains

Solar Eclipse – Darkest Hour

Grandeur in the Grenadiers

Peaked Wildflowers – San Juan Mountains

Beautiful Summer’s Eve Sunset – San Juan Mountains 

Somewhere on top of the world close

Somewhere on top of the world

Lone Elk Needles Sunset

Elk Heaven

Needle Mountains, San Juan’s Southwest Colorado belt of venus sunset



Needle’s Fire Sunset


Utah Desert Fire Sunset Far


Utah Desert Fire Sunset Close


Malibu Coast Wind Whipped Sunset


Malibu sunrise with California Poppies Just opening up  to the warming sun rays…


Few minutes after sunrise with California Poppies opening up to a new day…


Cloudy golden Malibu sunset on windy evening with Grey Whales near shore…


Pod of Grey Whales surfacing near Malibu shore during sunset…


Grey Whale blowhole release…

Most recent photos –

Malibu Sunset with Lupine


Malibu Lupines blue on blue



Malibu sunset


Wind whipped lupine sunset 

California Poppies


Wind Whipped Lupine Sunset


Variety of wildflowers showcasing the super bloom

Animas Valley Sunset

End of the Storm – San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado

Needle Mountains – Belt of Venus – San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado


Canyonlands National Park Golden SunsetCanyonlands NP Golden Glow


San Juan Mountains First Snow

San Juan Mountains Belt of Venus First Snow



Super Moon – San Juan Mountians

Mt. Baker Belt of Venus Fall Sunset

Mt. Baker Belt of Venus Fall Sunset

Mt Shuksan artist point fall sunsetMt. Shuksan, Washington State

Heavenly crown fall colors sunset Needle mountains

San Juan Mountains – Needles – Southwest Colorado

paintbrush-next-morning-with-dog-after-snow-email-fr-3693San Juan Mountains – Paintbrush and Snow Sunset – SW Colorado

San Juan Summer Fuchsia Sunset

San Juan Summer Fuchsia Sunset

Update –  August 17, 2016 – The wildflowers in the San Juan Mountains have started to fade except for the higher elevations above 12,000 feet.   Of course you can still find protected pocket areas throughout the basin.

Update – September 29, 2016 – The Aspens have peaked from Coalbank Pass to Silverton, CO.

Update – October 31, 2016 – It’s time to go to the desert as all the fall foliage has come off with little snow on the peaks.

Update – January 27, 2017 – A major month long winter storm has buried the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado with heavy snowfall covering our gorgeous peaks!

Update – March 13, 2017 – The snow has mostly melted in the lower elevations with Spring just around the corner! The higher elevations are still loaded with record snowpack levels.  

Update – July 03, 2017 – The snow is quickly receding in the high country after a record snowfall year in the San Juans with many species of wildflowers already well on their way.  It’s beautiful up there in the alpine!

Update – October 16, 2017 –  The aspens still have some color in the lower San Juan Mountians but they are quickly fading…  It is dry with means good access to the high country still… This won’t last long as it only takes one winter storm to ends this until next year…