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California Super Bloom 2019

After the terrible fires in Southern California this Fall, the rains finally came causing flooding but finally things calmed down to the where the rain was very helpful and now

the land is littered with brilliant green grass and wildflowers are in record numbers transforming this waste land into a vibrant masterpiece of regrowth…

The pain of the fire can still be felt by many which will last for awhile until the rebuilding process is finished…. but unless you look hard, it doesn’t look like a fire had completely destroyed 

this region around Malibu only a few months prior… 


Thanks for viewing my site….


Published work International Landscape Photography Magazine – March Issue

I was honored once again to be published in the March addition of Landscape Photography Magazine, a high quality international publication.

This published picture was taken on a beautiful Winter evening featuring the Belt of Venus/alpenglow highlighting the Needle Mountain Range located in the

San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado. 

This year we are receiving near record snowfall which is much needed after last years disastrous drought that led to many wildfires. 

So far this Winter we are getting just the opposite with extreme snowfall…  The wildflowers should be spectacular this Summer with low fire danger if this weather keeps up…

Thanks for viewing my site and hope you are able to get out and capture this unprecedented Winter beauty…



BC Canada Lower Mainland Fall Colors

My annual trip to the Lower Mainland of BC, Canada this Fall was beautiful once again…

The cool mornings create an array of almost mystical dancing sunbeams combined with the lifting fog, something I rarely get to experience in Colorado.  

This unique setting offers beautiful mountain vistas along with spectacular ocean views – another rare combination all in one location.

Thanks for viewing my site and hope some of these pictures can provide you with a taste of this epic region…