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Mt. Baker Sunset


Mt Baker view from BC Canada pd-.jpgpat profile shot noah dillon bc sunset email-1200.jpgsunset bc canada sunrise shot sunset pd-0050.jpg

I had the chance to visit beautiful British Columbia again along the US border.  The photo opportunities are endless.  Mt. Baker shown here is located in the USA but this shot was taken from BC which in my opinion affords Canada with a better view.  I had just finished salmon fishing and decided to locate a decent perch to capture this magnificent glacial mountain that towers above the valley floor. We only had about one hour before sunset so time was of the essence especially since a storm was expected to move in the next day which would all but eliminate the sun.  After driving frantically to find a spot I came across a younger couple who were mountain biking.  I asked them if they knew of a spot and boy did I get lucky.  They quickly insisted that I follow them up to a  lookout that only the locals knew about.  When we arrived I was in shock at the beautiful location and of course thanked them profusely and offered them a full resolution image of my shot.

The saturation started to kick in and Mt. Baker started to glow with the hazy clouds above taking on some color.  The lookout had a near 360 degree view so I was able to take in other sights as well. Directly behind me, the sun was setting between a cluster of fir trees so I quickly spun my camera around a fired off a few shots as seen in the below pictures.  I then set my focus back on Mt. Baker and shot several images at 300 mm which I later stitched two together for the final image.  It was a great day!

Distant Peak Fall Colors Sunset

San Juan Mountain fall color sunset pd-.jpgSan Juan fall color sunset med  pd-.jpgSan Juan  fall colors pd-.jpg

The Fall colors here in the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado are at their peak right now and are of course beautiful to witness first hand.

I hiked up a very steep hillside to capture this shot but the view was well worth getting scratched up by the tangle of branches and sore feet from trying to hold on to such a steep slope.

First the setting sun saturated the distant peak and then a really nice red sunset illuminated the few clouds still in the sky.