Monthly Archives: December 2015

Fresh Ice-cold Falls


Late afternoon as darkness was quickly approaching a small natural light source from above provided the perfect highlights to this gorgeous waterfall located in a steep dark canyon in San Juan

Mountains of  Southwest Colorado.  This was a very intimate scene with the loud roar of the falls crashing to the deep pool below –  a welcoming sound of nature at it’s best!

Wishing you all a very blessed Christmas and holiday season!

Above the Clouds


We were treated to a rare event early this morning with heavy fog covering our area.  The rare part came when I climbed to an elevation where I came out above the clouds with only the beautiful snow-covered tips of the La Plata Mountains exposed.  The view was incredible!  This is something we rarely get to see.  I felt like I was somewhere in the Pacific Northwest with a lone volcano peaking through. Instead this was taken at sunrise in the beautiful San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado.