Monthly Archives: April 2016

Golden Full Moonrise – San Juan Mountains

This shot was taken a few days ago during the full Moon with Spica, the brightest star in the Virgo the Maiden Constellation. This was also the smallest full Moon for 2016.

It was absolutely beautiful to watch the thin clouds above the peaks light up to a golden glow well before the rising full Moon made it’s appearance above the beautiful Needles located in the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado. The sun had set nearly an hour before but enough residual light remained to highlight the face of the towering peaks which nicely accented the fresh snow. As evident in the shot, many avalanches had previously roared down the steep slopes from recent wet spring storms.

The sunset on the clouds had faded away just in time for the full Moon to take over with it’s unique golden glow and that was when my shutter started clicking. I took 30 pictures and felt really good about it until the next day when I started editing the shots.   I was greatly disappointed to find that all of the shots were out of focus except for one. The wind was blowing a bit, apparently enough for camera mounted on my tripod to move during the long exposure or maybe I was so excited to get the shot that I was careless on the delayed shutter release. Regardless, I was very thankful to God to have one shot that I could work with.  It was an incredible evening to witness…

Thank you for viewing this!

Bottom of the Sea

Last Fall I had the chance to go back to my home away from home in the Lower Mainland of Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. It was a good mixture of salmon fishing and Landscape photography.

This particular shot was taken at sunrise near the US/Canadian border. In fact, the land out in the distance is in the US and the foreground in Canada. The tide fluctuations in this region of the world are quite dramatic.   At first I was disappointed to find the sunrise at low tide but then after walking out a ways across the muddy sea bottom I realized that a unique opportunity to showcase the sea floor was at hand.  The person in the other shot is my son who also really enjoyed his time in BC.

I quickly went to work to capture the peak moment of the sunrise as its beautiful red colors reflected on the few remaining pools of water left behind.  I had numerous other opportunities to shoot gorgeous scenes in BC  and will be sharing some more of them in the near future.


Thank you for viewing this shot and for sharing in this adventure!