Monthly Archives: June 2016

Grenadiers Snowy Sunset

Access to the high San Juan Mountain alpine finally opened up which revealed plenty of snow left over from winter.  I climbed to around 13k and was rewarded with a gorgeous sunset.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find a few early wildflowers already in full bloom which provided for a somewhat rare combination of the early summer foliage starting to replace the harsh winter snows.  I’m sure after the near 100 degree weather we’ve had lately that the snow fields are mostly melted with many more wildflowers shooting up fed by the fresh snow melt. It was one of the more rewarding trips I have taken in awhile and I can’t wait to go back up really soon!

West Needles Rainbow Sunset



Winter has finally lost it’s grip in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado but the beautiful early summer weather has more than made up for it.  June is usually a dry hot month around here but like with last year, the monsoon weather has set in early at least for now.

I set out late in the evening up into the high county on a dark stormed filled night with little expectation of any meaningful light piercing through. My son accompanied me and once again he told me he had a good feeling.  At one point I almost turned around when the storm clouds became even more ominous as we approached our destination. He persisted in telling me that things would change at sunset and man I’m I glad I listened to him!

Just before dark, a beam of light broke through highlighting the bottom edge of the West Needle Peaks. We had already put our gear away so we quickly scrambled to get into position and then the rain started pouring. This didn’t stop the now beautiful red sunset now in progress.  I held my hand over the end of my lens to prevent the rain from ruining one of the most beautiful sunsets of my lifetime.   Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, a rainbow dropped out of the sky like a tornado.

Despite the rain causing the picture to be a little fuzzy, we were both in awe with what had just occurred. It was a quiet ride back home as we were both pondering in our heads what an amazing scene we were so blessed to witness…