Artist Point Reflections with Mt. Baker first snow…

Once again I made my annual Fall photo tour starting at Malibu, CA and continued up the coast to Washington State where I spent time at Artist Point located in Mt. Baker National Forest. Then from there I traveled to my final destination to the Lower Mainland of Beautiful British Columbia. As usual I was rewarded with some beautiful sights and experiences with my journey to Mt. Baker the most rewarding.

Mt. Baker – Positioned at the base of the western flank of Mount Baker’s massive glacier, with 6 inches of fresh snow still falling, all alone, when all of a sudden, well after sunset, the storm cleared, revealing this massive volcanic mountain, highlighted by the golden light from the rising moon… .

Malibu Sunset and sunrise….

Artist Point reflections with Mt. Shuksan…

Picture Lake with Mt. Shuksan

The beautiful rugged coast of British Columbia set a part in its uniqueness and remote surroundings from all others….

Beautiful British Columbia raw and wild coast….

BC Sunrise double
BC Rainbow sunrise
BC Coast Sunset

September Wildflowers

Amazingly, sections of wildflowers had just peaked in the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado… This is the latest I can recall and the most irregular alpine season on record. The huge winter snows and then ensuing avalanches that literally changed the landscape in areas make this a year to remember.

Thankfully I was able to capture some of these history moments and share with all of you…

I hope you also had a great season capturing you own unique moments and wish you all the best Fall season now upon us…

Late but beautiful!

The record snowfall last winter combined with cooler early summer temperatures plus massive snow slides made for an unusually late wildflower peak this year in the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado…

Paintbrush Moon Rise – San Juan Mountains and grenadier sunset
Forever Alpine – San Juan Mountains and grenadier sunset
San Juan Mountains wildflowers Cheer