Sudden Glory

It had been a rough couple of weeks trying to get a sunset or anything for that matter to cooperate so you might say I was feeling a bit rejected by Mother Nature. Sometimes I take it a little too personal and even found it was affecting my attitude a little. Last week, the clouds broke open just enough on the beautiful San Juan Mountains to allow a gorgeous beam of sunlight to pierce just a section of the towing peaks. I quickly pulled over to get the shot but as soon I stepped out of the truck, the clouds closed up again and only darkness remained the rest of the evening. It was almost if someone was messing with me. I know some of you have been there before.

The next day, I left for a location I hadn’t photographed for a while but the chances for anything developing were extremely slim as low hanging clouds had blanketed the area with the sun a distant memory. With a negative attitude I set up my gear in the near subzero temperature. To my pleasant surprise, a tiny gap developed at the bottom of the horizon and the sun pierced through revealing one of the most beautiful sunstars I have seen.

It was truly a religious experience as I could feel the warmth from the sun’s rays dancing on my face with it’s saturated light causing a beautiful glow all around me. Just as fast as it came out, the sun quickly disappeared behind the horizon but then the lightshow really began as the sky, snow, and lake below turned a fiery red reflecting off the epic sunset now before me…

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